1) Can we lunch on the site?
Yes, you can lunch at "Le Troglodyte Gourmand".
Open from March, 26th to September 30th 2016 every day at 12 o'clock.
Situated on the site itself, our cafe offers "fouées" (a traditional sandwich) from 12 to 2pm and other sweet and savoury snacks, hot and cold drinks and ice cream.

2) How long do the tours last?
A lot of visitors stay for an hour and a half.

3) Are the animals alive?
The animals of the farm are quite alive. We count on them to revitalize the site. They are not livestock.

4) How big is your site?
2 hectares

5) Is the site accessible to people with reduced mobility?
There is one stairway, which visitors in wheelchairs can avoid by taking an alternate path. However, the underground refuge is inaccessible for visitors with reduced mobility.