Reduced entry price of 4.50 per person for all persons with a disability.This tarif will also apply for those accompanying persons with a disability.

Groups (more than 8): free entry for group leaders/tour guides

Physical disabilities

The site is accessible to wheelchair users but they need to be accompanied.

The site is in a natural setting and the paths are not flat. There are some slopes which are not easy to access. There is a parking area for people with reduced mobility 300m from the site.

There are 4 handicap spaces available in the car park

There is a space in the reception area and a ticket desk adapted for wheelchair users as well as accessible toilets which conform to national regulations.

The site is 50% accessible to wheelchair users by paths where the slopes have been reduced. By following the signs for wheelchair access, visitors can avoid steps and will be able to access the troglodyte farms.

However the underground refuge cannot be accessed as it is too dangerous by wheelchair. The height is 1m 40 and the area is very dark and can only be visited by torchlight.

There is a small slope in order to access the restaurant “The Troglodyte Gourmand” but inside there are 2 spaces reserved for wheelchair users.

Visitors with visual or hearing impairments and visitors with mental disabilities

The site has obtained the “Tourism and handicap” label for these types of disability

A written guide containing all the elements of discourse on the spoken guided visit is available by simple request at reception for those with hearing impairments or mental disabilities. Two audio soundtracks can be heard on the farms and these have been transcribed into the written guide.

A written guide with large font is also available at reception for persons with visual impairment and in this you will find all the information that can be read on the panels throughout the site.