On Sunday, August 6th, 2017, and for the first time in the history of the Troglodytic Valley of Goupillières, we will celebrate "Goupil Day".

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Still inhabiting the small Goupillières valley, the “goupil” (the archaic French word for “fox”) will leave its forest lair to attend the celebration.
This celebration, lasting from 10h to 19h, will be a nod to the famous fox who gave its name to Goupillières. “Goupil”, and others of its genus, are known to be cunning, funny and joyful.

It seems that Amelie and the fox are working together to please visitors! Just as in July with the "Little farmers celebration", Amélie organises fun for parents, grandparents and children with events, songs and games.

How many children will leave the Goupillières with the small fox mask they have made, feeling just as shrewd, funny and joyful as the fox in its own Goupillières valley?
During the festivities, The "Troglodyte Gourmand" restaurant will offer on-the-spot traditional “tartines” called "fouées" (from 2pm to 4pm) and pancakes, drinks, ice-cream, and more all day long.